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Go live with languify

Get immediate nudges in the form of Languify tags during the meeting, and additional detailed tags in meeting summaries at the end.

See how you have improved live in various categories in the form of increment and decrement percentage.

Track, Learn, Improvise

Languify extension works where you do, seamlessly integrating with your browser.

Track your performance using previous conversations. Increase your Languify score by improving on different speech parameters.

Communicate with languify

Languify shows detailed performance stats, which identify areas of improvement and suggest tips, learning plans and interactive games, so you are prepared for the next meet.

Games made just for you

Languify doesn’t use textbooks to improve your English. Upgrade through personalised interactive content based on AI feedback. Measure your performance and know-how you grow every minute with us.


This game will help you improve your vocabulary and lexical diversity. Write the summary of the displayed paragraph using lesser words.

Speech Etiquettes

This game will help you with speech etiquettes that one should follow during various real-life scenarios. A scenario will be provided, and a question will be generated based on the scenario.

Sentence Correction

This game will help you improve your grammar. Tap on the mistake in the given sentences.

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What is firstlist ?
The firstlist helps the user to sign up for early access to beta & alpha version and get cashback upto 150% on first premium purchase.
How does the firstlist works ?
Initially your rank is defined by first come first serve basis, then your rank moves up or down based upon points acquired by you or any other users. Inshort- share more to move up the ranking or to hold your position because others are sharing to get ahead of you.
S.No Type Points
1 Each Referral 5
2 Posting status on Whatsapp,Facebook & Instagram 5
3 Check Rank 2
What benefits do I get ?
You receive cashback upto 150% on premium plan purchase, early access to free version, premium beta program and get chance to sneakpeek the development journey of Languify.
How do I check my rank ?
You can click on the top right corner "Check Rank" button to see your rank. Check this daily, to be aware about your position and to refer & earn more!!
How can I refer friends ?
You refer by going to check rank page and sharing your unique link from there with your friends.
When does the firstlist end ?
Firstlist ends the day before the launch of Languify!
How can I reach you ?
You can reach us at “”.
How do I get my cashback ?
You will get cashback in terms of the gold coin which can be used to purchase the premium plan.
Privacy Policy
All your written, verbal, and video content will be strictly kept confidential and would never be shared.